The quest for digital Ink: developing tools for painting, calligraphy & animation

Event Date 20 Sep 2019 (Fri), 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Venue LT 15 (Location Map)
Organiser SCSE, Alibaba JRI, LILY Research Centre (Email : )

Event Info


Ink painting has a long history in Asia. Progressive painters have always been looking for new tools or styles of expression. In this talk, Dr. Nelson Chu will share his inspiration and process in marrying Eastern ink painting and calligraphy with technology. New directions for further development for such culture will be discussed. Ink wash animation is a proud product of China from 60's to 80's. Dr. Chu will show how his software tool 'Expresii' can be applied to provide a modernized ink wash animation style not achieved before. After the talk, you will have a chance to try Expresii yourself.



Dr. Nelson Chu has spent most of his career developing technology for artistic creations. His groundbreaking work on Chinese ink simulation was used to produce visual effect for the Opening Ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympics and earned him a PhD in Computer Science from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. His work wowed the Computer Graphics (CG) industry and even Adobe, world’s largest CG software maker, reached out to hire Nelson for technology transfer. Tech giant Microsoft later also sought to hire Nelson in 2008 to develop digital painting technology, which became the popular app Microsoft Fresh Paint. Today, Nelson is an independent software partner of Microsoft and Wacom. He is also working with an animation studio producing a feature film that incorporates Chinese ink painting aesthetics.

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