Tête-à-Tête with UFM100.3

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Event Date 26 Oct 2019 (Sat), 04:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Venue Room2F @ Esplanade Mall (Location Map)
Organiser SoH Students and Alumni Office (Email : soh_students@ntu.edu.sg )

Event Info
Tête-à-Tête with UFM100.3
Deposit: $5 per participant                                                                                                        
Session Synopsis
Bereavement is a journey which everyone has to go through in different chapters of our lifes. The immense grief which comes 
along with it is unavoidable. Hiding or denying the grief is a common practice but not the best remedy to manage this emotion. 
So how do we encourage one to face and talk about the grief that one is going through? We sincerely welcome you to join us, as
we explore this inhibited part of our emotions.
*Note: This is a bilingual talk where some segments will be conducted in Mandarin. At the end of these segments, an
  English summary of the content will be provided. 
3.30pm Registration
4.00pm Sharing by UFM100.3 Radio DJs: Wen Hong, Cheng Yao & Andrew
  Sharing by Social Workers: Samuel Ng (CEO of Montfort Care) & Chee Wai Yee (Senior Director of Grief Matters)
5.30pm Refreshment & Networking
6.30pm End of Event
-  Your registration will only be confirmed upon the receipt of your deposit. If deposit is not made by the stipulated date, your 
   reservation will be released to the next request on the list.
-  The deposit amount will only be returned to participants at the registration counter on the event day.
-  Please note that photos and videos of you may be taken during the seminar/event for publicity and marketing purposes. If you
   do not wish to have your photos and videos taken during the seminar/event, kindly inform the staff on duty.
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