Career Preparation Workshop (9 Mar 2020)

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Event Date 09 Mar 2020 (Mon), 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Venue The Arc TR+24 (Location Map)
Organiser College of Science (Email :  Tel/Fax : 65138012)

Event Info

Career Management 101

Students will get an overview in different careers that are available to them in the industrial sector. They will get a sense of the difference in values, interest, personalities and skills required and how they are dissimilar to that in Academia. Through self assessment tool, students will understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they can angle themselves in the job market to maximize their USPs to prospective employers. They will understand the job hiring pyramid and how to move up and down the pyramid which is commonly utilized in the industrial landscape. They will also be privy to the hiring habits and the daily intake of resumes by a hirer and the screening process. How long a candidate should wait after an application before moving on with their job search will also be shared.

Job Search Channels

Participants will get a play by play run through of the various job search channels that are employed day and age. These job search channels are not limited to simply the newspapers and the online spectrum but has grown to include various other platforms whereby employers are able to make contact with a candidate. Participants will also assess the effectiveness of each job search channel (eg Job portals, LinkedIn, Job advertisement, Networking) as related to the needs of a job seeker and be able to ascertain which channels is best suited to a particular profile of job seeker.

Resume and cover letter

Participants will get an insightful look at cover letter and resumes and what are the pitfalls they should look out for. They will also understand the importance of a USP and how to craft their USPs by relying on their work and academic backgrounds. They will also learn the C.A.R technique and the useful resources that they can leverage on while writing a resume. Participants will also be introduced to the technique of crafting a ‘GOOGLE’ resume and how to create a simple visume.

Interview Skills

The interview is a process which leaves many students stumped. Participant will get an exposure of the various structures of interviews and where these interviews commonly take place. They will also get essential tips to prepare for the interview. This includes finetuning the elevator pitch and utilizing the S.T.A.R technique to share their achievements and strengths. Tips will also be shared on how to overcome hurdles related to a difficult interviewer and addressing hard to answer questions.

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