RSIS Graduate Programmes Information Session + Masterclass - Friday 22 September 2023, 1200-1330

Event Date 22 Sep 2023 (Fri), 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Venue Zoom
Organiser RSIS (Email : )

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Join us to find out more about our programmes, meet the admission team and experience RSIS teaching through a masterclass titled “The AI Wave – A Revolution in Military Affairs?  by Asst Prof Michael Raska, Coordinator of the Military Transformations Programme at RSIS.

Register here between by 20 September. Registered participants will receive Zoom details one day before the event.

Masterclass Details:

The AI Wave – A Revolution in Military Affairs?

As we entered the second decade of the 21 century, the idea of a revolution in military affairs has regained vigour. The concept of a “revolution in warfare” refers to a radical change or discontinuity in warfare that fundamentally alters the way a military operates, and which allows it to achieve a leap in relative military effectiveness. Most analysts and historians agree on this minimal definition but beyond that there is little consensus on the causes of revolutions, when they have taken place, how they occur, and whether we are in the midst of one now. This lecture will assess the impact of the RMA and specifically its latest manifestation brought by the convergence of emerging technologies such as AI, autonomous systems, cyber, and space systems, what we can call an “AI wave.”  It argues that any military institution cannot benefit from whatever RMA is unfolding unless it is prepared to innovate – to change significantly its worldview, organization, doctrine, and show an ability and willingness to adopt new technologies.

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