Financial Needs Calculator

This Calculator is designed to help students determine their annual financial need for the pursuit of a tertiary education in NTU.


An entry is required for every item in this worksheet, even if it is an estimate. If the answer is "not applicable", a negative value or zero, please enter "0". Please round up figures to the nearest dollar and compute figures in S$ on an annual basis.

Description Amount (S$)
Tuition Fee for the AY2021-2022 cohort
Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees
Hostel Accommodation ( )
Books, personal expenses, etc
Estimated Total Expenses per annum
Student who receives the MOE Tuition Grant pays the subsidised tuition fee.


Description Amount (S$)
SG           SPR           International
Subsidised Tuition Fee for the AY2021-22 cohort (Engineering Programme) 8200 11500 17550
Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees 330 450 450
Hostel Accommodation ($265pm x 12mths) 3180 3180 3180
Meals (Approximate $10 a day) 3600 3600 3600
Books, personal expenses, etc 2700 2700 2700
Transportation (concessionary stamps) 1200 1200 1200
Estimated Total Expenses per annum 19,210 22,630 28,680


For your consideration, there are 2 loan schemes available to assist you to finance your fees and defray part of your living costs.

Loan Schemes Maximum loan available for all nationalities
Accountancy/Business programme Non-Accountancy/Business programme Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine Renaissance Engineering programme
Tuition Fee Loan 90% of the subsidised tuition fees payable by Singaporeans for the same programme. $8,460 $7,380 $31,230 $16,110
Study Loan Tuition Fee Component
10% of the subsidised tuition fees payable by Singaporeans for the same programme
$940 $820 $3,470 $1,790
Living Allowance Component
$3,600 per annum
$3,600 $3,600 $3,600 $3,600
Total for AY2021-2022 $13,000 $11,800 $38,300 $21,500

  • The above example is applicable to students of any nationality for the AY2021-2022 undergraduate cohort paying subsidized tuition fees.
    International students paying non-subsidised tuition fees are not eligible to apply for financial aid schemes.

  • For SPR and international students who take up both the Tuition Fee Loan and Study Loan, you will only receive a total loan amount equivalent to the subsidised tuition fees payable by Singaporeans for a similar programme of study. As the subsidised tuition fees for international students are higher than the fees for Singaporean students, the loans (including the living allowance component) will not cover your tuition fees in full.

Now that you know what your estimated financial need is, you may want to check out one or more of the financial assistance schemes available at NTU.