[GC-TSS] Effective Persuasion

Event Date 14 Apr 2021 (Wed), 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Venue Livestream
Organiser Grad College (Email : )

Event Info

GC-TSS - Communication

Effective Persuasion

by  Mr Fred Then

14 April 2021, Wed | 10.30am – 12noon | Livestream


About the seminar:

This seminar aims to provide an understanding of how students can use psychological techniques in a structured format to be more persuasive. Uncover the power of emotions and how to channel it to get your desired outcome. Students will learn how to use the Effective Persuasion Method in presentations as well as during one-to-one conversations.

Mr Then will also provide an understanding of how students can “sell without selling”. Students will be introduced to the six Principles of Influence and learn how to use these insights to create compelling marketing offers or create effective campaigns. 

The interactive session allows students to practice what they have learned as well as get answers for their queries in the Q&A section. 


About the speaker:

Fred Then is an entrepreneur (7 start-ups in 7 years!), entrepreneurship educator, business coach, neuromarketeer, author and designer. He has over 20 years of start-up experience with both local and overseas organisations. In Singapore, Fred has lectured and coached 2,000 individuals and start-up teams. His intense coaching has helped entrepreneurs reduce their business failures by 90%.​


*Do note that students are required to stay for 75% of the seminar duration in order to get their attendance endorsed.

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