X-ray spectroscopy in the transmission electron microscope

Event Date 19 May 2022 (Thu), 09:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Venue LT at The ARC (Location Map)
Organiser FACTS (Email :  Tel/Fax : 65921813)

Event Info

Instructor: Chris Boothroyd (FACTS)

19 May 2022 (Thur) 9.30 - 11 am



Electron irradiation in a TEM creates X-rays whose energies can be used to identify the elements present in a sample. This talk will cover the generation of X-rays, how X-rays are recorded and how to interpret the resulting spectra. This talk overlaps with some of the material covered in "SEM-based X-ray microanalysis (EDS and WDS)" but will be more focused on TEM. Some understanding of the material covered in the introduction to TEM will be useful.

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