[GC-TSS] Create Your Work-Life Balance Breakthrough

Event Date 14 Sep 2022 (Wed), 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Venue Livestream
Organiser Graduate College (Email : )

Event Info

GC-TSS - Wellbeing

Create Your Work-Life Balance Breakthrough

by Mae Chang

14 Sep 2022, Wed | 10.30am – 12noon | Livestream


About the seminar:

Most of us aspire to live a balanced life. That is, we want to spend the appropriate amount of time and energy in each aspect of our lives. Yet, often we feel that our lives fall out of balance due to workload stress, a workplace change, an accident or injury, an unpredicted event or even a small worry that grows larger with each passing day, month and year. By analyzing our current levels of energy in each life aspect – work, family, health, community, spirituality, social life and finances, we can determine how satisfied we are with each, identify potential stressors and plan a course of action based on what is truly important to us. In this session, explore useful tips and actions that can help you regain your sense of balance.

About the speaker:

Mae currently coaches and trains executives full-time. She has coached and trained executives from institutions such as MediaTek, Littelfuse, Richmont, AbbVie, etc. Mae is a seasoned sales leader with more than 20 years of leadership experience in multi-national companies from the Fortune 500. She has successfully worked across multiple cultures and complex stakeholder structures in APAC to bring about desired results. As a trainer, Mae has delivered programs to help companies thrive and sustain results in complex B2B sales environment.

*Do note that students are required to stay for 75% of the seminar duration in order to get their attendance endorsed.

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