[GC-TSS] Cross Cultural Communication

Event Date 05 Oct 2022 (Wed), 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Venue Livestream
Organiser Graduate College (Email : )

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GC-TSS - Communication

Cross Cultural Communication

by Ms Marion Nicole Teo

05 October 2022, Wed | 10.30am – 12noon | Livestream


About the seminar:

Cross-cultural communication is about recognizing the differences and similarities among people from different cultural backgrounds in order to engage each other more effectively. Workplaces are more diverse, remote teams are scattered across the country or around the world, and businesses that once sold products to a single demographic might now sell to a global market. All of these factors have converged to make cross-cultural communication a vital part of organizational success. But in order to truly understand what it takes to communicate effectively, you must first understand the different cultural factors that influence the way people interact with one another. In this session, participants will understand how culture influences our beliefs, values and attitudes, and how hierarchy and collectiveness plays a role in our communication and behaviours.  


About the speaker:

Marion Nicole is the COO at EQ World and has worked with staff from diverse industries and job roles over the last 30 years. She has coached executives and leaders to put their best foot forward, to lead by example by practicing EQ and make better decisions on a day to day basis. Through her training and coaching, Marion aims to create more self-awareness in her participants, develop their resilience and confidence, and give them a decisive edge in their personal development to achieve personal success and happiness.

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